Song Single Cover Art for "Time To Set It Off" by The Sheila Divine (TSD). Artwork used for digital downloads on iTunes and Bandcamp. TSD has been without a doubt my favorite band since I first discovered them way back in 2003, and it's been a goal ever since to design artwork for an album, song, tour, merch, or really anything. This band has been the soundtrack to my life for the past 15-Years, so I'm thrilled to contribute a small part to their legacy and to thank them in my own small way for all of the inspiration and feels over the years.

For this project, I created the TSD circle logo, cover layout, and chose the Hot Pink and Neon Blue colors used on typography. The abstract painting is also an original of mine, with the cover art features a detail section of a larger painting. I created several design concepts, but since I didn't hear the song in advance, I decided to go to my old standby of thinking abstract. At the very last minute, I created two covers featuring two different abstract paintings; they doubled as my homage to the great album covers of The Stone Roses made by John Squire.

While I don't think this song will be released as a vinyl single, I had to add in a mockup!

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